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OAX $0.129847278955 3.3217853%
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Ethverse $0.122120542525 1.36078012% $0.105314112444 -4.52687048%
Cryptonovae $0.0336725684153 -4.42485189%
0xcert $0.00289536251561 1.62143778%
Italian Lira $3.97891282E-6 1.86610811%
GeoCoin $0.312742547449 1.86610815%
SAFE DEAL $1.44140088248 1.40727313%
ZeroSwap $0.191958803783 -0.11809572%
Bigbom $0.00029559902508 1.37225883%
Veles $0.0769919630169 1.86610815%
UpBots $0.0277811396283 0.37312146%
Tap $0.00080349905759 -30.88902867% $0.275902182248 1.25695426%
INRToken $0.00039789128174 1.86610815%
Venus USDC $0.020661771522 0.01366064%
ROAD $0.00124053276337 0.00813983%
TrueFeedBack $0.00417179163167 0.00813983%
EUNO $0.00156863544238 1.94351267%
SpeedCash $0.0171093251149 1.86610815%
Chainswap $0.16367272649 0.99117712%
Aragon Court $0.0800865281722 0.69054717%
Badger DAO $9.89658918269 1.19357632%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

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Ethereum Gold $0.0216203243536 97.36033437%
MocktailSwap $0.0310133190843 9.93802605%
ZOO - Crypto World $5.135967876 9.85927579%
ChainCade $1.03047E-9 9.74937818%
Showcase $0.0187231103454 9.73517997%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

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StarLink $6.53483509E-6 98.77901494%
Bunicorn $0.371210710394 98.59420888%
MissDoge $2.82639E-9 96.0453813%
Counterparty $3.82603481667 94.87604455%
Insights Network $0.0393912368924 91.30727464%

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