Symbol: GNO

Current USD Price: $366.17862208

Market Cap: $550,947,594

24 Hour Change: -1.0756459%

1 Hour Change: -1.04554787%

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Top 25 Currencies

Name Price 1H Change
Horizen $85.6989370318 -2.02962529%
Venus USDC $0.020934379308 0.01200072%
8X8 PROTOCOL $0.00322116975216 -2.42702418%
ROAD $0.001258173792 -0.96204329%
Nestree $0.00568807536346 -1.4666708%
KamPay $0.00651422953554 -0.5025664%
inSure DeFi $0.00370007726517 -1.95577581%
Bolivarcoin $0.00612489040584 -19.47326969%
BSC Station $0.268389105855 -0.47608488%
e-Radix $0.134779140313 -0.70170475%
ImageCash $0.00185602739571 -2.39184205%
AstroSwap $0.42439322854 6.08438527%
Alpha Impact $0.0304366737751 -2.36989418%
YFFII Finance $0.269037962316 -10.31778239%
Swarm Markets $0.301008725954 4.68166521%
FNB Protocol $4.090565031E-5 -0.0173251%
PLATINCOIN $1.96881282657 -1.06353044%
Font $2.01965260626 -2.36989418%
2local $0.00035422671135 -2.09952129%
Asura Coin $4.45227263E-5 -2.13902357%
RING X PLATFORM $0.0338072624805 -2.97749843%
HyperDAO $0.0209041708389 0.00903955%
ScPrime $0.253913265557 -8.26362681%
Azbit $1.178253017E-5 3.96546292%
BitCapitalVendor $0.00095827946698 -0.6577195%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
Pika $3.5095592E-7 94.70979138%
Mogu $0.0100794801063 9.80032433%
Göztepe S.K. Fan Token $3.22813914884 9.7877143%
uPlexa $0.00019391127532 9.72411797%
Binance8 $0.0831151426415 9.71168738%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
Alium Finance $0.207994253449 97.64871427%
DOTDOWN $10.0113828759 9675300.82701%
FidexToken $4.83568509E-6 94.67920805%
XGOLD COIN $0.0486104385729 94.50679379%
Ellaism $0.00123735159714 94.08807548%

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