Symbol: DGB

Current USD Price: $0.051250230913

Market Cap: $757,280,752

24 Hour Change: 0.2064776%

1 Hour Change: -2.2894241%

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Pika $3.5095592E-7 94.70979138%
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Göztepe S.K. Fan Token $3.22813914884 9.7877143%
uPlexa $0.00019391127532 9.72411797%
Binance8 $0.0831151426415 9.71168738%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

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Alium Finance $0.207994253449 97.64871427%
DOTDOWN $10.0113828759 9675300.82701%
FidexToken $4.83568509E-6 94.67920805%
XGOLD COIN $0.0486104385729 94.50679379%
Ellaism $0.00123735159714 94.08807548%

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