Universal Currency

Universal Currency

Symbol: UNIT

Current USD Price: $0.0110300488218

Market Cap: $175,919

24 Hour Change: 6.94104911%

1 Hour Change: 2.0399111%

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Top 25 Currencies

Name Price 1H Change
Content Neutrality Network $2.560201972E-5 0.31128565%
Handshake $0.236708050246 0.73359061%
Serum $7.48414290042 0.619609%
SENSO $0.814480781131 -0.82900945%
Venus USDC $0.0208956956744 -0.03132692%
Ragnarok $0.00061372023369 2.33857066%
Swerve $0.642619027444 2.10491%
OKB $16.5835156531 1.10790509%
KuCoin Token $12.413506188 1.53457743%
Font $2.04058186319 1.08756897%
XSGD $0.745671879568 0.39961482%
LaunchZone $3.93680861663 -1.78571312%
DAO Maker $2.68446660378 2.08770312%
TronEuropeRewardCoin $0.0371025209422 -0.01380911%
Akropolis $0.0304512380949 0.47736741%
DeHive $1.16885405126 1.4336875%
High Performance Blockchain $0.135053109137 0.0601528%
Webflix Token $6.87996341E-6 -0.01478516%
AXIS Token $0.0304442186845 1.74172823%
Strong $711.542294689 0.66643725%
LGCY Network $0.00773626183689 -3.83496919%
ImageCash $0.00184116070108 2.33857066%
CWV Chain $0.0027705163171 0.57691267%
SHIBA INU $2.484493584E-5 1.69645373%
Carry $0.0113277997291 0.95993576%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
Ink $0.00097407440637 9.80356859%
DOC.COM $0.0092058035054 9.64846857%
SupremeX $0.0184116068552 9.64846855%
Auric Network $0.0282291557845 9.55607978%
Highstreet $6.06680005952 9.49792201%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
FairGame $0.00614967086229 99.10476556%
Kuende $0.00122744046739 97.83906514%
DeFi of Thrones $0.197307964322 97.26687239%
ZEON $0.00126302872922 94.03900554%
Sustainable Energy Token $5.1392E-10 93.91107613%

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