Symbol: POT

Current USD Price: $0.0352535561391

Market Cap: $7,972,550

24 Hour Change: -1.22320159%

1 Hour Change: 0.86920223%

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Top 25 Currencies

Name Price 1H Change
GlobalBoost-Y $0.0557053030844 0.31800759%
RigoBlock $0.739496395021 2.74733798%
Wings $0.0998035591184 1.31723555%
Smart MFG $0.0331078532411 2.47259054%
Noah Coin $7.580681433E-5 0.78688112%
AnimalGo $0.0103217862099 -1.65733056%
Super Zero Protocol $0.315202971768 1.1164871%
Dusk Network $0.26896669946 -0.38968947%
BlueCoin $0.00172111273348 0.30909302%
FC Barcelona Fan Token $33.4922796569 -0.1932426%
APIX $0.0818950332575 -0.18694332%
Clash Token $0.664837577712 2.74733798%
Yield Stake Finance $8.88542334608 -0.13892486%
Wrapped Bitcoin $57753.3455159 1.09897452%
Atlas Protocol $0.00382923587967 3.0693634%
Privatix $0.0894978621827 -8.48995022%
DSLA Protocol $0.015280141375 1.38793228%
DFI.Money $2552.35444231 1.0029369%
Mettalex $8.7604480559 -0.86932316%
CWV Chain $0.00277780757175 0.09529617%
Infinitus Token $0.151086268391 0%
HyperQuant $0.00098047954229 1.06302524%
PLNcoin $0.00057370424449 0.30909302%
Garlicoin $0.154390788455 -0.33789596%
Venus USDC $0.0204575451804 -0.02655441%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
AIDUS TOKEN $0.0129043805827 91.28785028%
The ChampCoin $0.00429838776657 9.97746343%
Satozhi $1.69363584191 9.77549469%
UniLayer $2.43155356045 9.7547406%
Coinsuper Ecosystem Network $0.00156123304734 9.65081652%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
Dopple Finance $1.65326337069 99.43744484%
wave edu coin $0.00114827718378 98.81961922%
Ixinium $0.354711102427 98.7884039%
Sad Cat Token $7.486938316E-5 98.37123091%
onLEXpa $0.0001147408489 98.17510733%

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