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Memetic / PepeCoin

Symbol: MEME

Current USD Price: $0.0463333142657

Market Cap: $1,384,153

24 Hour Change: -7.60116417%

1 Hour Change: -1.11610431%

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Power Index Pool Token $4.99488707695 2.70695691%
Venus ETH $49.0032437128 3.34918687%
Independent Money System $0.00185333257063 1.52079958%
MARK.SPACE $0.00123555504709 1.46135895%
CorionX $0.00902981187287 -1.99486475%
Lunyr $0.432495336397 1.52354496%
Massnet $1.03988247181 -0.5331078%
Lightning Bitcoin $2.57006465359 0.72544685%
Baguette Token $0.00854533924572 -3.09990138%
Nexus $1.41107069144 3.99158054%
The Transfer Token $9.42586747931 1.52707431%
Switcheo $0.0731883741254 1.87497242%
Eternity $0.103786623955 -32.89169959%
BTSE $2.2692654668 -1.11699204%
GoByte $0.103080146296 -2.1282504%
DEAPcoin $0.0111744446744 -0.60478558%
Vidya $0.257131235147 1.60767676%
BitWhite $0.00271474467944 -18.47530028%
DOC.COM $0.0128797554951 0.7224303%
SuperCoin $0.00185333257063 1.52079958%
Narrative $0.00119490597669 9.25894909%
Pundi X[new] $3.80555153326 2.99928341%
Rotten $0.0139592188568 3.10640868%
Mobilian Coin $0.69401131911 0.85920856%
DMScript $0.163588819675 2.71750817%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
Zenswap Network Token $1.952675247E-5 96.16234311%
Union Fair Coin $0.475697396621 91.27200664%
Tap $0.00730537220223 9.99496738%
Nucleus Vision $0.00687562394712 9.98177124%
3X Long Sushi Token $0.3692 9.91366478%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
Litecred $0.00123555504709 97.11751644%
Castle $0.00123555504709 97.11751644%
Carebit $0.00037066651413 96.9533544%
VectorAI $0.00123555504709 96.9533544%
Quotient $0.00123586436601 96.8772428%

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