Symbol: CARBON

Current USD Price: $0.00015957

Market Cap: $2,456,105

24 Hour Change: 27.696863%

1 Hour Change: 0%

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Automata Network $0.57191839528 5.07677864%
Binance USD $1.00038105704 -0.02153134%
Venus USDC $0.0206252290107 -0.01834433%
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Major Gainers In The Last Hour

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Chicken $12.1110157635 96.29044282%
Uhive $0.00239598206448 9.95599641%
3X Long OKB Token $9.51 9.94219653%
Insureum $0.0193490569625 9.93090202%
BNBUP $221.68719334 9.84127995%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

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Marscoin $0.0822552319424 99.83591497%
3X Long BNB Token $356.110393573 98.33503306%
MktCoin $1.072535912E-5 97.34181331%
3X Long Dragon Index Token $8.17 96.58325313%
BullPerks $0.131235117211 95.42793447%

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