Symbol: BTM

Current USD Price: $0.0619904291258

Market Cap: $89,194,424

24 Hour Change: 13.95785799%

1 Hour Change: 1.85099551%

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Top 25 Currencies

Name Price 1H Change
Sharder $0.00352809428711 1.40841832%
PayCoin $0.0083281289837 1.58361756%
GNY $0.518215182539 2.57645806%
Levolution $0.104501532798 1.01253921%
Aidos Kuneen $0.398600569996 1.39629977%
Universal Currency $0.00624275488926 1.65724102%
Decentrahub Coin $0.561752434026 1.54148512%
CryptEx $11.6922999604 4.27856487%
W Green Pay $0.00563625680141 0.02160633%
Lethean $0.00124643392398 2.02128762%
Divi $0.0419539780296 0.95583902%
Collateral Pay $0.375406191775 -0.27200435%
ZrCoin $0.198380877592 1.65724102%
ProBit Token $0.229869435759 -0.77150207%
SENSO $0.806977305658 0.6429205%
Benchmark Protocol $1.22791318932 0.94849775%
Wrapped Virgin Gen-0 CryptoKitties $290.131492154 1.55965091%
Friendz $0.0018908339097 -1.32628847%
Automata Network $0.57191839528 5.07677864%
Binance USD $1.00038105704 -0.02153134%
Venus USDC $0.0206252290107 -0.01834433%
Shield Protocol $4.28172874834 9.00778315%
Catex Token $0.00128486257641 6.93659129%
Hyper Finance $0.0309889266732 6.01436813%
NEAR Protocol $2.38652487874 2.44899962%

Major Gainers In The Last Hour

Name Price 1H Change
Chicken $12.1110157635 96.29044282%
Uhive $0.00239598206448 9.95599641%
3X Long OKB Token $9.51 9.94219653%
Insureum $0.0193490569625 9.93090202%
BNBUP $221.68719334 9.84127995%

Major Gainers In The Last 24 Hour

Name Price 24H Change
Marscoin $0.0822552319424 99.83591497%
3X Long BNB Token $356.110393573 98.33503306%
MktCoin $1.072535912E-5 97.34181331%
3X Long Dragon Index Token $8.17 96.58325313%
BullPerks $0.131235117211 95.42793447%

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